When autumn (and especially winter) kicks in, I tend to get even more grandmothery than usual. No late night strolling around the city or spontaneous bar hopping, no no. As soon as the sun sets down myself switches my inner netflix and tea time clock on.

The only thing that keeps me going through this time is fashion. As much as I dislike the weather and general mood in autumn/winter, the more I like the fashion. I really love everything from heavy coats and boots to long arm shirts and turtle necks (turtle necks are just beyond everything!!) hence this is the time of the year I shop the most. So be prepared for a lot of winter weekly edits to come your way… For this one I really broke it down to the essentials.

Starting with a classic white blouse! After being into silky textures for the last year or so, I can’t get my thoughts off of white stiff blouses. These kind of blouses that are really tight around the neck and get wider at the bottom. Combined with a pair of nice (but fitting) straight leg jeans and a lovely pair of black boots (as the ones further down the page!!!) and voilà –  the one million dollar baby outfit is born! Right now I’m eyeing this certain one from & other stories but at the same time I’ve a feeling that my beloved second hand shop might have a very similar version to offer very soon…

Since it gets more and more grey outside these days, I have the urge to spice up my outfits with some nice jewelry. With becoming more and more minimal in my general life (let it be the aesthetic for interior to the one for fashion), I’m very much into fine material (such as gold) and thin designs.

So I have to give a big shoutout to the Nisi and Desi from Teetharejade for their amazing collection ‚L’Or Liquide‚ in cooperation with Stilnest. The pieces are definitely special and matching so perfectly my vision of delicate but yet outstanding design. So I’m even more happy to have won the L’Or Liquide Ear Hoops (yayayayayaaa!!). Might have to get the matching ring as well…

You guys can’t even imagine how happy I’m as soon as I can throw all that tini tiny jackets away and throw my grey coat on. I love this little guy so much. Coats in general are the most fun part when dressing for winter. So after struggling with the idea of getting a big down coat (sorry but I can’t… I just look like a footballplayer looking for his team members) I arranged myself with getting a long black coat this year (and probably doing the ‚thin down jacket underneath‘ method when January knocks at the door).

Unfortunately getting a simple elegant black coat isn’t as easy as I thought. Until now I couldn’t really find a version that really satisfied me. Most of the coats do not reach my ankles and therefore are out of the game. This model from H&M is no exception (sadly!) but the design in general is exactly what I’m looking for. Has anyone any ideas where I could get something smilier to that?

Last but not least I’ve fallen in love with kitten heels. Not just these Autumn but also during these summer kitten heels became my best friend. I mean is there any other type of heel that gets the ‚comfy but chic‘ game so good!? I’m craving this simple black leather version from H&M but (as usual) it is out of stock at the moment (Grrr). I did spot some alternatives at Mango but deep down my heart I really want these bad boys from H&M. But no worries I already put my hunting gear on and prepared a fanny pack with snacks!

The last item in the list is a black cashmere turtle neck! Turtle necks are my personal treasure items in my wardrobe. There is no other piece of clothing that sets such a chic and elegant aura around them without needing a single piece of jewelry. And since it gets cold af outside I convinced myself to invest in something that really keeps my warm.

The only thing with cashmere pieces; they always look like the ones my grandma would wear. Almost every single model I found had that ugly elastic stripe at the bottom in that horrible ripped optic I really can’t stand (Am I 22 or 92??). At the end I found this version from Zalando Essentials which seems to be not as ugly as others. So I guess I will give this one a try. Fingers crossed..

What are your current cravings? Would love to read about them down below!!