There’s this thing with Secret Santa – you tend to get (and give) a lot of rubbish from other people. Things you wouldn’t even wish to your worst enemy and hell never would ask Santa for. At least these were my past experiences with Secret Santa and to be honest whenever I hear someone suggesting „this really fun and thoughtful game“ I wish for a hole to disappear in.

But I got proven wrong  because Secret Santa can – indeed – be a pretty damn awesome thing! At least when everyone invests more than one thought onto the topic or has a look at my Secret Santa gift guide. So without further due, let’s jump into the fun part – having a look at all the Secret Santa goodness. To make it fair and affordable for every budget here are my top picks for 15€, 10€ and 5 €!

The under 15€ category is definitely full of ‚treat someone else‘ (or yourself) treasures. My favorite pick is the Caudalie Eau de Beauté. You can’t imagine how happy I would be to get this little bottle of moisture. Packed with peppermint and balm it is the perfect treat for the colder days and to fight against all those ACs. My second pick is a book by Rupi Kaur. Rupi is a Canadian poet and writer. Her book milk and honey is her debut where she writes about dealing with different kind of emotions from love to abuse but also about being a woman and feminism. To set up the perfect surrounding for open yourself up to the poetry of Rupi, my third Secret Santa gift comes in handy – the Rituals Ritual of Sakura Bath Oil. This sent comes straight out of heaven.

My next pick has a really nice smell as well. H&M home in general is a great spot to get amazing home deals from time to time, but their candles where never my cup of tea. Except this Hyacinth one. I think this rather big pot is the perfect little Secret Santa Gift. Who doesn’t love a well scented home!?

My last two picks are firstly a Clay mask by Dr. Jart+ (I desperately wanna try it out myself) which turns from a clay mask into a foaming cleanser and this little purse by Mango. Your gifted person will never ever loose any coins again.

From my experience 10€ is a quite common budget used when playing Secret Santa. Especially if your playing it with your colleagues or if you already broke the bank by buying fancy christmas gifts (don’t worry there’s something for everyone!). This one is going to be more of a mix and match.

My personal favorite is definitely the Flask by Butlers. This really combines everything you wish for in a Secret Santa present – it’s well priced, still chic and practical all in one. Another favorite of mine and also more on the practical side – the Avène Cold Cream. Maybe not the sexiest gift but actually incredible useful. It’s amazing for repairing dry skin and help prevent any damage caused from cold weather or dry air.

Speaking of sexiness – the Lush Honey Lip Balm itself is already quite sexy but smooth lips are even more attractive. Our lip and eye area is so delicate why not gift someone with a special treatment just for that area !? Another of my faves (when not all of them are my faves, haha) is this cute (!!!) make up bag by Mango. Normally I’m not a huge fan of patterns but this one is really pleasant for every eye. And not too big, another important factor in my opinion.

My last to picks are this golden Candle Holder from Urban Outfitters and this lovely Beanie from Monki. Isn’t the color just too nice.

Hands down – I was shocked. I never thought that it can be that hard to find something nice and enjoyable for (under) five bucks. Hence I am even more happy to present you the creme de la creme of Secret Santa.

Let’s start with the most inexpensive but in the same time loveliest thing I could find – a patch. Before I even saw the price tag I decided to include this little patch from Butlers into this gift guide for it’s cute message. I don’t know about you but this year really made me think about friends and friendship in general. I guess this little patch just made me a tiny bit sentimental and even if it’s not the one with the big price tag on –  I think I would be very happy to get this patch, knowing that the person thought of me while buying it.

Next up is something for the home and as mentioning earlier H&M Home is definitely our gurl when looking for those inexpensive treasures. My suggestion is this little golden vase. Also coming in quite handy is this mini notebook from &other stories. As I get older I really get the idea why people carry notebooks and mini calendars with them – otherwise you just tend to forget everything. So this little one makes a perfect treat with being helpful at the same time!

My last three things are all beauty related. I personally love beauty related gifts because I imagine myself gifting the other one some quality time for themselves. This Lush Oil Bath Bomb literally screams relaxation and ‚me time‘ and definitely is a little treat for everyone – the old lady from across the street or your twenty year old colleague. My other favorite is this Sheet Mask from Mizon. Whether or not your familiar with the 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine or K-Beauty in general, this mask is literally one Spa visit at home for under two Euros. I actually wear it right know while writing this post and I can feel my skin soaking up all that moisture. Looove…

My last pick is for an everyday pleasure – the Rituals Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel. Rituals has – hands down – the softest shower gels in the entire world. The perfect gift for someone who needs to have a special goodie in the morning.


Do you guys have any other amazing tips for nice Secret Santa gifts? And do you play Secret Santa this year? I’d love to read about it in the comments! 😉