I guess there are passions for everything and make up is definitely one thing a lot of girls have a deep passion for. Well, I’m not. Don’t get me wrong I love watching Make Up Queens (and Kings) doing their full coverage make up und looking all glamed up. But when it comes to myself I always tend to go for the laziest solution ever to get quite a dezent result. Good introduction for a make up tutorial, right?

But honestly, just because someone doesn’t love make up as much as others do, doesn’t mean one hasn’t anything to say about it. Especially around christmas I start to get more and more into make up and attempt to really deep dive into the hole topic by wearing some eyeshadow. Which – for me – is a huge thing. And while browsing around the stores to find some inspiration for my new love for eyeshadow, I stumbled across this little tube of wonder and thought this is going to be the perfect christmas golden eye.

Ladys and Gents I think you will be very pleased to hear that my one hit wonder is actually a very, very inexpensive drugstore product. I’m talking about the Essence ‚Metal Shock Eyeshadow‘ in 01 solar explosion. I mean this thing costs under four Euros.

So  what I love about the eyeshadow is how easy it is to apply even if you’re (like me) by no means an expert or ever had tried any other very gold glittery and bold eyeshadows. I do have gold eyeshadows, but there are more on the ‚little subtile glitter on my eye‘ side. Nothing like that…

So what I did was very easy: I grabbed the bottle, put a little bit on my finger and started applying the product onto my lid. I suggest starting very close to your lash line and being very gentle about the amount, because this eyeshadow is strong and it’s bold. Very bold.

So I tapped from the middle to both ends and then started slowly to make my way up to the crease. You can actually be very precise and do a  very sharped crease but I preferred the ‚undone‘ look and just smudged the ends with another finger to make it look a little bit more natural (if thats possible with a ton of golden paste on your lid). But have in mind that the paste dries up very, very fast. But ones it’s there it’s gonna stay day all day (and night, and also the next day…).

What I also quite like is that you can build it up. I mean in my opinion it already has a great coverage and long-lasting finish but if you have oily eyelids or know your lid is a creasing candidate, I suggest using a primer before. An extra tip for making the gold being extra bold: first apply a primer and afterwards use a very light or white eyeshadow before using the gold. The layer underneath neutralizes your skin and gives the eyeshadow a neutral canvas to perform on aka be even more bright and bold.

Do you guys have any other suggestions or experience tips how to handle big. bold eyeshadow and make it fun for everyone?