I think there is no other make up trend that got me more excited than this one. I mean for someone like me who loves everything about glowy and what comes with it, the term glossy eyelids sound like heaven on earth.

And it is! But as everyone who is no make up artist you begin as a little baby before you become the sexy swan you ever wished for. So I stumbled across the idea of shimmery, wet looking eyelids sometime in the beginning of this year. I loves all these natural but healthy glowy completions I saw everywhere and knew I had to try it myself.

So what I did was very simple – just used my all time favorite lip balm and smashed it all over my face. A little bit for the eyes, a little for the lips, some bits as highlighter on the cheek bones … you can imagine what I was looking like.

And I loved the finish. Very subtile and not to crazy into everyones face. But as with most things in life, you get bored. I mean I still was all crazy for the vibes but I fancied more. I was looking for drip dropping wetness. So when I was scrolling through pinterest the other day, I stumbled across one image from a lady with amazing undone glossy red eyelids and I tell you: I wanted exactly the same thing. And believe me or not I suddenly new the answer of all my problems: GLOSS.

I think the last time there has been some gloss on my lips where waaaay back when I was a 10 year old fashionista. So I really did not think about gloss as a appropriate solution to my dilemma. But here it is ladies and gents – it is the fastest and most effective way to get that glossy and wet looking dreams.

So what I did in the end is quite as easy as the lip balm technique. I got myself a really nice and thick clear lipgloss (in my case the essence „shine, shine, shine wet look“ lipgloss – what a name…) and mixed it with some red lipstick. When you have your right amount of redness, take your finger and et it on that lid. I suggest starting near the lash line and build everything up. Because this thing can become a really hot mess when you try to put too much product on the lid at once.

Another great tip: when you thing you got the right amount of color and product on your lid but its not as glossy as you wish. Go get that clear lipgloss again and put it (with a unsmudged finger) on top of everything. Works great for intensifying the gloss.