Well, when there is something girly out there I really can’t get the fuss about – it’s make up. I’ve never been that crazy over make up and had a huge collection of brushes and eye shadow palettes (also when it was me who talked my friend into the Urban Decay Naked One Palette on our graduation trip back in Barcelona 2013). I’ve always been more of a skincare junkie.

The only thing I felt madly in love with were lipsticks. Actually there was a time I used to clean my room with lipstick on because it made me feel happy af. But as much as I loved to wear lipstick back then (and even nowadays), there has always been that one make up thing I’ve never become friends with: foundation.

Lord, where shall I begin? Besides the fact that the german make up industry back then did not really have much to offer for a mixed black girl, I also did not really like the look of foundation. Most of the time my face tend to feel and look like a piece of chocolate cake someone forgot to get out of the oven – crusty as hell. No smooth lines or glowy cheeks. I was frustrated and after trying out different brands and formulations over the years I started accept the fact that foundation apparently wasn’t my cup of tea.

But as time flies by and my sister got her hands on a foundation the other day, I decided to give this one a final try. Maybe my face just had’t been ready for all those years, you know…

To be honest – it failed. Same crustiness as usual BUT this time something in my head just clicked and after trying out one simple thing I finally got that flawless and glowy skin I always dreamed of.

And before rambling on any longer here is what I did: I added some almond oil.

Yes, simple as that.

Depending on your skin I would have a little experimental studies and try different mixtures to get the best result for you. Another tip: get light oil such as almond oil because it is not a greasy as olive oil or waxy as jojoba oil. Right know I use one little drop of oil for one big pump foundation and mix both in my hand before applying it with a brush.

Well, the winter may knocks at the door very soon, but my glowy flawless skin as well, Chaka!


Do you guys have any other tips to make foundations more dewy ? Let me know in the comments below!!!!



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