Kirill Bergart.

Los Angeles, CA.

For about – uhm –  forever interior and interior design had had a huge impact on me. Coming after my grandmother who changes the style of her house and rooms constantly (until this day!) I always felt that urge to change my room and its style from month to month.

Actually a lot of my friends who are coming over nowadays still can’t help themselves but point out that my flat has changed again (even if they have been here just last week!). So I guess that’s the kind of obsession we’re dealing with!

But since I’ve discovered Kirill Bergart a few months ago I can’t get enough of his feeling for design. His understanding for the perfect symbioses of mid century interior and temporary minimalism is just outstanding! Combined with my experience of a 3 1/2 weeks long backpacking journey through Indonesia (so breathtaking!) and Kirill Bergats sense of design being back in my mind, I’ve totally fallen in love with the idea of having less.

There’s that special feeling you get if you enter a room that seems to have less things inside but therefore things in the exact right place. Every object starts to develop a certain aura around them, making them feel very unique.

I like the idea of giving objects more qualities in my life than just their plane functional aspect. Bergart is one of the people I can recognize this understanding for quality in. His arrangements often offer more than a superficial view of minimalism. He gets to the point where you can actually see the natural beauty in objects and the embracement of them.

I think form and material are two very important aspects in Bergarts work. They aren’t just necessities but qualities that can set the vibe for the hole room. A vase made of glass on top of wooden counter isn’t just a plane vase. Her form gives a idea of volume and can help make a room appear bigger or smaller. As well as her material – glass – lets us peak through itself, giving a certain feel for openness.

I’m just in the beginning of my personal understanding of this part of interior but I can already tell it changed my way of perception. I guess you can’t get the magic done over night but for now I have three tips on how to get started right away and add a little bit more of the Kirill Bergart style into your home as well.



Play with material and form!

Like I said material and form are two huge details in Bergarts work. Both have a big impact on a rooms atmosphere and therefore are worth more than just one thought. The two materials who made quite a big difference in my flat are wood and glass. There’s no such thing as the unique structure of wood and the warmth feeling you get when entering a room filled with a few wooden treasures.

I started incorporating wood into my rooms by getting wooden decor such as bowls, frames, mirrors or if you are looking for larger pieces; sideboards, chairs (wooden chairs can change a lot!!)  or a bed frame. My tip is to go for lighter types of wood like (yellow) birch, cherry or bamboo. Darker colors tend to make a room feel tiny and stuffed. And we’re looking for light, airy and fresh, right !?



Let it shine, baby!

There’s no such thing as light that has the magical power to create the most cosy atmosphere in a room. For the longest time I gave my lightning situation so much attention I like to give my toilet brush so it’s no surprise that I haven’t been that creative playing with different lights. Until now! While studying Bergarts pictures (and my minimal interior wishlist on pinterest – check it out!) I noticed a lot of little lamps hanging around a room. Sometimes sitting on a sideboard or a stool, other times laying on the floor, I started wondering about how I could change the appearance of my rooms with incorporating smaller lights here and there. By now I’ve invested in a glass bowl lamp and did not regret it ever since! As soon as I turn it on it gives the most (!!!) cosy light you can imagine whilst looking stylish af.

So investing in a little floor or desk lamp can have a huge impact on the room situation. Most of them don’t take up that much space or are crazy expensive either so why not let a little light bright up your life?



Take your time – and space!

This is by far the easiest and yet simplest way to give your room a little make over the minimalist style: make space! Like people sometimes need their time and space to fill that positivity tank back up objects also tend to create a better aura around them when having space. So one of the first things I did to give the minimalism vibes more space I actually gave my objects more space. Just by making the gap between stuff a little further here and there things turned to look a hell nicer than before. They actually could display their aura way better and automatically seemed more interesting, eye catching and simply nicer. Even so boring things as stapler look – with the right space around them – kinda like art instead like annoying stationary!

For sure minimalism (of you want to label it so) isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but it can actually turn out to be quite satisfying incorporating a few bips and bobs here and there. My three tips are neither very lavish or expensive but can make quite a big change.

Do you guys have more tips for welcoming minimalism in your life?

Also, make sure to keep up with Kirill Bergart. I think his work is so amazing and inspiring! You can visit is website via kirillbergart.com or give him some love at Instagram @kbergart and @counter.space. And while being over there why not stay in touch too @hellojulesmag?



Disclaimer; All pictures are taken from kirillbergart.com I own none of these pictures!